Five Ways to be More Sustainable

For skincare and beauty enthusiasts, practicing sustainability to take care of the environment is now a necessity. As a licensed esthetician, my client’s health and safety will always come first. Even when I follow sanitation guidelines, I do my best to avoid unnecessary waste. In fact, some treatments require single-use items; Still, slightly different options will make a big difference for a better environment.

Five easy ways will make your beauty routine more sustainable without sacrificing quality:

1.What single-use items do you think you can ride off?

Makeup wipes and cotton pads: most of these items do not biodegrade due to containing microplastic fibers, bleaching, and mixing processes used to create them. It could take 100 years or more for them to disappear.


Reusable bamboo cotton pads, flannel face cloth, use an oil cleanse to take off the makeup, and follow up with your regular cleanser, this is an excellent alternative to avoid wipes.

2.“The less I need, the better I feel”:

having 20 products or 12 steps for your skin routine is not always a sign of healthy skin. Buy what your skin needs. Simplicity will always be welcome by your skin and the planet. Start with a good cleanser, toner, eye cream, spot treatment if you need it, for example, acne. Finalize with a good moisturizer and sunscreen (daytime).

3.Recyclable Packaging:

Buy beauty products consciously! Glass is an excellent example of reducing your carbon footprint, buying cleansers, serums that come in glass bottles are easy to recycle, plus you can get creative and save the earth by upcycling your empty products containers

4.Support sustainable brands:

Today, we can find a variety of options not only with ingredients but also with brands that support sustainability, some favorites brands:

  • Herbivore Botanicals
  • Botnia
  • Berlin Skin
  • Shiva Rose
  • Oxalis Apothecary

5. Intentional Ingredients: 

Think about the importance of buying products with ingredients suitable for your skin and the environment. Choose brands that are conscious of ethically growing ingredients and transparency. Incorporate clean beauty brands into your routine!