Mind and Body

We often think about what products we should buy to improve or take care of our skin, but the essential thing that will make your skin bright is how you are feeling inside; remember, beauty starts from within. Some simple steps to incorporate into your daily life will make a huge difference.

1.Take proper sleep: our bodies need to rest to heal; you must sleep at least 7 hours to renew energy. Sufficient sleep regulates hormones related to mood.

2.Exercise: We all have busy schedules, but exercise keeps your body in shape and your mental health. If we only spend 30 minutes a day exercising, our blood flow will improve, and our oxygen will increase, making us feel more energetic. Please find the best exercise that suits you, my favorite Yoga!

3.Eat a balanced diet: Make sure your body receives the correct amount of nutrients, do not restrict yourself, enjoy what you are eating, and do it consciously; your body is your temple, so the best way to honor it is by eating healthy. Add color to your food with the beautiful variety of vegetables and fruits. Also, try to avoid processed foods and sugars. and do not forget to drink water.

4.Live in the present: We are human, and we make mistakes, learn about them, and move on. Do not be so hard on yourself and forgive yourself and others. Do not think about the past; let it go and send so much love to that situation; enjoy where you are and think about all the beautiful things and blessings you have, like your family, friends, job, health. Enjoy the moment right now and the simple things in life, spend time with nature, eat ice cream, go to the beach, read a lovely book.

Life is Beautiful!!